"Ryan and Liam at PlayOn Finance were worth their weight in gold when it came to buying my first property."

Sam D’Argenio came to PlayOn finance as a 26 year old teacher ready for a big lifestyle change. After living with his parents for years in Monbulk, Sam decided it was time to move out. He wanted to purchase his first home and open a new world of independence.  

First, he went to see CBA, the bank he had been with since he opened his first account.

Sam was fresh out of uni and had accumulated quite a HECS debt which proved to become quite troublesome. CBA advised he was required to pay out his HECS debt in order to secure a loan and that this would require a bigger loan with higher monthly repayments. Not exactly the news Sam wanted to hear. 

Sam had saved really well to get himself into a strong position to buy, however, he was a little unsure about the whole process of buying a first home as he had no prior lending experience and had no idea what was really involved. He contacted our team at PlayOn Finance and we made sure there was someone there to assist and provide a solid support foundation for him every step of the way.

Sam D’Argenio says, “Liam and Ryan really helped take the edge off a nerve racking and intimidating process. Not only that, they provided great advice on all matters involved in being a first home owner.

They made the process of purchasing a property and selecting a home loan, that much easier, so that I could enjoy the experience. The product they provided me with is something that has allowed me with a single income, to still enjoy my social life as well as owning my own home.”

Having access to over 30 lenders meant we had plenty of competitive options and were able to choose the most suitable product for Sam. We were also able to find a bank that did not require him to clear his HECS debt to secure a loan. In the end, PlayOn Finance was able to save Sam $20,000, equating to a substantial $34,372.80 interest saving on a 30 year loan! 

“I highly recommend these guys for anyone looking at entering the housing market” claims Sam D’Argenio. If you're looking for assistance with a loan, refinancing or investing, the team at PlayOn Finance would love to help you, contact us. 

About the author

Alisha Rutherford is a content writer specialising in finance, real estate and digital marketing.